Album Art Design



Artist Statement

My design choice was to do a CD Album cover for a rock band from the 90s called ‘The Cranberries’. Viewing their pervious album art covers, I noticed the consistent use of a textured rough font and decided to keep to the same style. I used the ‘PWScratchy Medium’ from then added a drop shadow to make the characters have depth. The image I created was first hand drawn then scanned into photoshop to be filled in. I coloured outside of the lines to make it look rocky and rugged. The outfits I chose were based off their styles in their music videos and photo shoots. To contrast the black and white background and suits, I used the complementary colours of yellow and blue for the leads singers clothing.

I then aligned the text to the edge of the drawings on both sides to give the cover balance. Lastly I used my photograph of an old wall with paint cracks for the background. This was the most difficult part because I found it challenging to get the right background texture. I chose it to reflect back to one of their music videos for the song ‘Zombies’. To make the photograph background not be the centre of attention, I used a inner shadow and a small filter blur. I learned that less is more when it comes to backgrounds and it should be enhancing the imagery instead of distracting from it.


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