Wishing On Vega

‘Wishing on Vega’ is an interactive art installation, in which the audience can emerge themselves into the piece. A box (inspired by the idea of Pandora’s Box) is the control panel for the lights beneath the participant. As they play with the lights, a night sky is projected overhead (programmed via Processing). The night sky has shooting stars (1/100 chance) set off when one of the two sensor is triggered. The participant— if too preoccupied with the event at hand, would miss the shooting star. However, if they are aware and observing all aspects, they will be able to see it shoot across the room.

The piece is a comment on being to preoccupied with day to day tasks, instead of looking at the bigger picture. Vega is one of the brightest stars discovered, and was the first to be photographed. It is believed to be the second most important star (1st is the sun). Vega’s brightness dims every so often, and is present in many cultures. It is also referred to the “messenger of light”, which was the inspiration to use light as the focal point of the piece. As well, the installation date of the piece happened on April 20th, which was the time of the Vega meteoroid shower (shooting stars).


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