The Pi Bakery

“The Pi Bakery” visualizes the number Pi in a new and interactive way. Instead of looking at the decimal points as a connected list, the numbers were given brief individualized display. Through the use of colour and size the the core ideas of Pi was represented. Pi is a number that does not have any pattern or repetition; it is an irrational number that is used to find the area of a circle. Inspired by these points, The Pi Bakery has no circles with the same size and colour.

The main concept is meant to look at visualizing Pi in a nonconventional way. The colour changing represents the fact that Pi has no repetition, each shade of colour shown is a unique blend of numbers in the sequence which reflects the components of RGB. The size represents the fact that Pi can find the area of any circle, regardless how big or small. Lastly, the circles reflect how Pi is utilized in the measurement/drawing/exploration of circles.

The data was used to generate the colour of each circle based on RGB. Every column of pi was used; the first 3 numbers representing the red, the next 3 representing green, the next blue, and finally the 10th number changes the shape size. This process repeats going down each row of our CSV file. The colour of the fill changes as it runs through the counter making continuous unique circle.