Outside the box.

‘Outside the box’ was created in the winter of 2016, consisting of a small seven inch robot equipped with markers to leave a trail of a coloured path behind it on a white paper flooring. Using a simple wall-detection program, it is able to move in random paths while avoiding collision with walls or other objects in the space.

This project was created to represent the feeling of ‘writers block’ in which an artists feels as though they cannot think creatively or as though they are going in circles. The robotics aesthetics is meant to be as though a child had created it, in order to represent the inner child artist. The piece is a visual representation of this experience through the behaviour of the robot. The robot’s movement shows the pathways of thought when one is attempting to think outside the conventional box of ideas. The robots random drawn paths generates art that is different every time the robot is turned on, showing that each person’s path is different.

To sum up, the project is a robot that creates a colourful, yet non-consistent path, to illustrate the creative process an artist takes in order to make a project.

Technical Details:
-Servo Motors
-IR Sensors
-Duct Tape

Robotic’s Size: 7×5 inches

Room size: dependant on desired drawing size.

Requirements for installation: (1) Floor that can be marked on/paper if one requires the drawing to be portable. (2) Walls to enclose robot or willing person to block it’s path from leaving paper/desired perimeter.